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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Comic book guide helps consumers avoid used car scams

By Suzanne Potter Reporter/Producer, California News Service, a bureau of Public News Service.    Buying a used car can be a risky proposition, but a new consumer guide can help people avoid common pitfalls. The nonprofit Oregon Consumer Justice just released the first edition of its free resource called the Consumer Confidence Comics. This unique guide doubles as an interactive comic […]
Monday, March 3, 2014

TV producer Lena Dunham writing Archie comic book series

TV actress/producer and creator of the HBO comedy-drama, “Girls,” Lena Dunham, is branching out into comics. Dunham has signed on to write a four-part series for the Archie Comics. The 27-year-old Dunham talked about being a long-time time fan of the comics, in a quote from a statement, which appeared on Galleycat:”I was an avid Archie collector as a child […]
Saturday, January 18, 2014

New comic — Disney Kingdoms: “Seekers of The Weird”

Disney branched out into the comic book world this month with the debut of its own comic brand, Disney Kingdoms. The launch is in conjunction with comic book giant, Marvel, which Disney now owns.  The first comic, “Seekers of the Weird,” is based on Walt Disney’s idea for a “Museum of The Weird” attraction that was never built. In “Seekers […]
Monday, June 17, 2013

Two more sequels for “The Amazing Spider-Man”

Sony Pictures made a big announcement  today about one of its biggest franchises, Spider-Man. Last year, “The Amazing Spider-Man” earned more than $750 million worldwide. A sequel is in  production in New York right now and is due out next May. A news release from Sony Pictures revealed the dates for two more sequels in June 2016 and May 2018. […]
Thursday, June 6, 2013

Archie and the gang headed to the big screen

  The forever teenyboppers, Archie, Veronica, and Betty are apparently headed to the big screen. Warner Bros. has worked out a movie deal with Archie Comics, according to an exclusive report on Comic books are fertile territory for films and the superhero flicks have made millions at the box office. It will be interesting to see what kind of […]
Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A sequel to “Marvel’s The Avengers” in the works

Walt Disney Studio wasted no time in greenlighting a sequel to its mega-hit, “Marvel’s The Avengers.” Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed today what most suspected, that there will be a second teaming of “The Avengers” for the big screen. The superhero flick had a super opening weekend and has performed extremely well in foreign markets. has more on “The […]
Tuesday, May 8, 2012

“Marvel’s The Avengers” breaks records and captures a huge haul at the box office

“Marvel’s The Avengers” had an incredible weekend debut according to the final figures released yesterday. The superhero team-up of  Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and the Hulk earned a record breaking $207.4 million last weekend — easily becoming the number one film in the country. The mega-hit centers on what happens when the Avengers assemble to fight […]
Saturday, May 5, 2012

“Marvel’s The Avengers” scores estimated $80.5 million on opening day

As expected “Marvel’s The Avengers” is off to a very fast start at the domestic box office. Yesterday, opening day, the superhero ensemble film packed them in at the theaters across the nation to the tune of an estimated $80.5 million. Some of those moviegoers waited in long lines to see “The Avengers” at the AMC Burbank 16 over on […]
Friday, May 4, 2012

“Marvel’s The Avengers” set to make history over the weekend — what you need to know

“Marvel’s The Avengers” is the big movie this weekend. The superhero ensemble flick reportedly raked in around $18 million at midnight shows last night. If you are not into comic books or you missed some of the other superhero movies like “Iron Man,” “Captain America,”  “Thor,” or you just need a refresher on who’s who and what’s at stake — […]