Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pioneer journalist Belva Davis brings book tour to Southland

Award-winning journalist/author, Belva Davis, is in the Southland this weekend for a number of meet-and-greet-and-book signing events. As Black History month draws to a close, this is an incredible opportunity to meet a trailblazer, Davis, the first African American female reporter/anchor in the West, who covered some of the most significant news stories of the past few decades while fighting racism and sexism. In […]
Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New book out today by television trailblazer Belva Davis

 It’s not easy being the first to break through social and professional barriers, especially back in the turbulent sixties. Nevertheless, someone has to step up, take the risks, suffer the insults and the rejections, and Belva Davis did that to become the first black female television journalist/anchor in the western United States. Davis tells her incredible story of rising from the projects of Oakland to become an […]