Proposition 8

Friday, March 6, 2009

California Supreme Court to rule on controversial ban on gay marriage

Barbara Davidson/Los Angeles Times   Both sides in the bitter battle over same-sex marriage have had their say before the California Supreme Court, now it’s up to the justices to rule. While lawyers presented their arguments before the high court in San Francisco yesterday,  demonstrators, for and against, rallied outside with protest signs and chants. Proposition 8, passed by 52 per cent of the […]
Wednesday, November 19, 2008

California high court to hear challenges to gay-marriage ban

FLLewis / A Writer’s Groove – Burbank Today the California Supreme Court handed opponents of Proposition 8 a partial victory. The high court agreed to review several lawsuits that challenge the anti-gay marriage measure, which passed by 52 percent in the General Election earlier this month. A hearing is set for next March. The proposition amends the state constitution to restrict marriage to “a man […]